Laura's need to rant and chat
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2003-02-17 14:06:16 (UTC)

Finally a day off

I finally get a day off, and what do I do, I'm up at 7A
already job hunting trying to get a job in Vegas. I talked
to my sister and we felt it would be good if I went
straight to Vegas and then had her come visit me in Vegas
so I don't have to take as much time off from my crappy as
shit job here. It's a job, I keep telling myself. I am so
ready to get a new job. I am so ready to get the fuck out
of florida. I really hate it here. But at least I can I
enjoy the hopes of my move.

For Valentines day, I got a jar full of change to roll from
Mom and DAd to help w/ my move. Yeah Mom and Dad, so now I
have to go to the store and buy the coin rolls, but hey it
will keep me busy, and it's a way to help me move out of
loserville and into sexy, fun-filled, party town with a
real job, with real promise and chances of moving up.
These small hotels, there's nowhere to go except down. No
movement up, and I want up, more, better.

Yes I want to run a major hotel, I guess alot of people
wouldn't understand the allure of that kind of job, but for
me, I really enjoy the interaction with the public and I
also enjoy the fun of the always changing people around you
and of course at a reall hotel, you never know who'll stay
at your hotel. Plus GM's of major hotels get paid really
well. So who knows, keeping my fingers crossed so fucking
hard for the best to happen.

Plus, last night I had a huge argument with Duane, the fuck-
up. He thinks that we need to spend more time together,
blah...blah...blah...blah!!!! We don't even see each
other, and he thinks all is good between us. I just don't
care anymore about anything, except moving. I know I
probably should care about more than just that, but I
really need to start me life over. Jim fucking destroyed
it, and I need to rebuild it and be happy. I know with
some work it can be, but sitting here in FL will not allow
me to rebuild it. I will rebuild, I will have a better
life. I deserve it. I fucking bailed Jim out of debt and
got him a new car and what does he do to repay me, he dives
into a video game and invites another girl to Vegas on his
business trip. I just can't fucking believe him, and the
fact that he keeps trying to deduct my health insurance
from my car payment every month, what an asshole. UGH!!!

I just need a new life. Calling, new life, new life, are
you out there? Paging a new life for Laura.

Oh well, off to get more coin rolls to roll my money...


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