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today is the greatest day
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2003-02-17 13:35:53 (UTC)

Reservoir Dogs

I ordered my text books for Uni today.. they totalled to
$150.. hmm pocket stretching stuff. I am listening to Aimee
Mann "One"... Aimee Mann is really cool. I love the songs
that she wrote for Magnolia... It's got a cool soundtrack.
"One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do. Two can
be as sad as one, it's the lonliest number since the number
one." I think that Aimee Mann is a really over-looked
alternative Diva. She's so talented.. like she can really
manipulate the style of a song.. that's what I really
appreciate about her music. Everybody usually talks about
either Tori amos, PJ Harvey or Bjork. Aimee Mann always
get's overlooked on the alternative circle. Also today I
watched "Reservoir Dogs" and all the special features on
the DVD. And now I'm getting obsessed with Quentin
Tarrantino again. he is such an intelligent Bastard. I
would love to have a career like his. He's just so..
well... determined with everything that he does really...
If he wasn't so determined he would never have been able to
have gotten where he is the way that he did.. to think that
he practicly stalked Harvey Keitel with his first script to
get him to read it. He's such a talented bastard.. it
drives me crazy! What was wierd about me watching all this
Reservoir Dogs stuff today was that tonight on the Simpsons
they had this "Reservoir Cats" thing on Itchy and
Scratchy... it was just like a wierd coincidence.. it was
like a full take off.. and then they had a cartoon of
Quentin Tarrantino come on screen and they killed him.. it
was pretty funny (hehe). I'm such a film nerd sometimes..
but i like that.. i love movies.. studying film in uni is
gonna make me so hard core. I'm gonna love my university..
it's gonna be a great chapter of my life. At them oment I'm
feeling very excited about a lot of things. Life is just
getting so exciting at the moment. It's like i'm at this
stage in my life where anything could happen.. it's just
like i can never expect what's going to happen next because
I have not got the slightest idea what that will be to be
honest. hahah! life is cool at the moment... I love things.
But I still miss that girl... whatever her name was
(heheh)... No actually things have been really cool between
us recently.. I just love her. Hanging out with her is a
blast. She's a funny chick. Hello Gab if you are reading
this... you are a cool person. Now I will go.. goodnight!