The void
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2003-02-17 12:12:01 (UTC)

wonderful weekend

well...all weekend my parents have been shouting at me! the
joy of family life.
bit worried about maz too. stu said she wasn't very happy
last night and went out about 12:45! i will have to ring
her later.make sure she's ok. poor mazzy.
well today was a bit boring. (it hasn't been all the day
yet it's only 11:46 am.) i been to keyskills am really
proud of my assignment. it looks great!going to be finished
by next lesson hopefully.
i hope skyes ok too. i haven't seen her since friday, when
she was crying her eyes out.
oohh this poxy war protest! it's not like tony shitface
blair is going to listen anyway! he's too obsessed with the
amount of power he has so he's determined to bloody well
use it!
woooo chilli peppers! la la la ::dances like mad::
this life is more than just a read through!

anyway! i watched sleepers last night! and ooohhh myyy
godfathers! what a fantastic film! it's very very
disturbing!but also very moving. it had me crying i tell ya!
the horrid thing is it's based on truth. things like that
do actually happen in prision and youth's an
upsetting thought.
well i better be off now.gonna wind the cat up mwahahahaha!

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