2001-09-26 00:15:18 (UTC)

"I Gotta Date!"

Yeah, so you're like, "Wow, lil' Jasmine has a date? Since
when did she start accepting dates?" But actually, I invitd
Robin *the German boy* to come over so that we oculd go to
the football game. But when we go to the football games we
stay out until like 1 in the morning, so I'm just going to
ask him if he'd want to go to the movies or something. If
we do go to the movies I'm going to have my friends Chloe
and Papa go with me. They're not a match yet, but they will
be soon.

So, I actually talked to Robin on Friday. My friend,
Raniece, and I just kick it in the library in the morning
time since we don't have a first period. So, he came in and
she called him over to our table. She was like, "How come
you never come talk to us?" and he was like, "Why should I
come talk to you?" And then she was like, "Because we're
bored." So, he stayed and talked to us. He listens to hip
hop, rap, and r&b. He wears Ecko, Fubu, and all of that
good stuff. I was like, "Damn! A ghetto white boy. My
dreams have come true!" He's funny, too. He was telling us
how he lives in like a group home with some other exchange
students and that his Brzilian roomate is gay. Not that
there's anything wrong with being gay, he just had us dying
we were laughing so hard! Man, I can't believe I actually
found it in me to start conversation with him. Well, I
wasn't really starting conversation. Raniece was the one
asking him most of the questions and telling him how I like
him and have this huge crush on him. I thought I was going
to die I was so embarassed! But I'm glad she told him.
Atleast now he knows.

On Saturday I went to this one man's funeral. His name was
Mr. Bill and my grandma, my great-aunt, and my great-uncle
used to help take care of him. He was an ex-Navy commander.
He was really nice and funny. He loved going to Hawaii, so
for the reception they had some hula dancers. It was really
nice. His granddaughter and I used to play together when we
were smaller, so I got to see her for the first time in
ages. She's a little older than me. For my birthday she
gave me some of the Hawaiin flowers at the reception.
They're really pretty and they're blue and purple.

Then, later that night, my mom, brother, grandma and I went
out to eat in celebration of my birthday *which was on
Sunday*. We went to this one really good seafood resturaunt
in San Pedro. I had shark while the others had dishes you
could make at home. My theory: "Try something you've never
tried before. When will be the next time you'll be able to
try it?" I mean, as long as it doesn't totally wreak, then
I think you can handle it. And as long as it isn't alive or
moving either. So, we had fun there.

Then on Sunday I didn't do much of anything. One of my best
friends, Brittney, took me out to eat at this little
mexican place called Alberto's. It was very low maintenance
but very pleasing. That was the first time I've actually
eaten a meal in a long while. I kinda lost my appetite a
while back and never recovered it. I just ate like little
snacks and things like that, which isn't healthy at all, so
I guess finally eating was a good thing. I felt so terrible
afterwards. When your body gets used to not eating anything
your stomach starts hurting when you finally do eat
something. But lastnight I was completly starving and I
actually ate a lot, which is very good. All of the other
times that I'd be starving I'd only take a couple of
nibbles and be full. It's great to be back to my normal
self again. I've missed food!

So, yesterday *Monday* Robin came to sit by us. We didn't
say much of anything really. However, he didn't show up
today. I saw him in the office, which is across from the
library. Hmm. . .I wonder why he didn't come to say "hi".
There was finally a fight that I got to see with my own
eyes! It was at PE and these 2 guys were fighting because
one of them fouled the other in basketball. The black boy
was like, "That's a foul!" and the Mexican got all
offensive and was like, "No, it's not!" Then the Mexican
just started throwin them bows. I was like, "Damn!" But
what a stupid reason to fight. Over a foul? C'mon!

Well, I think I told you all of the important things that
have been happening. I started talking to this one guy in
my 5th and 6th period class, and he is so funny! He sounds
like this guy I had a crush on last year named Joey. Joey
lives a couple of houses down from me. He still looks fine,
but I'm not obssesed with him or anything. That's not
healthy for your emotions.

Well, peace out, Wordeey!