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2003-02-17 10:40:45 (UTC)

The final straw, y0

Life fucking sucks sometimes. The heat got to me, and I
snapped during school. I went around proclaiming that I was
the slave of Lucifer, and that all the people who got in my
way would suffer by the hand of Him. Man, I need to take my

Oh, I watched Amelie today. I hired it out on DVD a
couple days ago, but never had time to watch it. It's such
a sweet little story. You all HAVE to see it. I give it a 9.5 out of
10. If only the English film community would have the wit and genius
to make a movie such as Amelie...

Finally, I'd like to say that I had the coolest dream in the world
last night. My soulmate Sofie was in my room, and we were talking for
a while, and then she *snip*...For the eyes and ears of only her and
I! :P