Reality Check
2001-09-26 00:01:41 (UTC)

Lord have mercy

you know what, i think i was smart when i said i wanted to
leave the whole dating scenerio alone. jimmy has so many
things wrong with him, but i still want to stay with him,
because he loves me. but adam likes me. he doesn't know i
have a boyfriend. he's black, and i really like him. he's so
sweet. no one would ever guess he'd go out with me, cause
i'm not his type. but, i guess he thinks otherwise. he keeps
asking me to the movies, and i turn him down but he never
gets discouraged. he's in 10th grade. i met him this summer
cause he's pansy and crystel's friend and we chilled at his
house a few days. he was about to hit elizabeth, and i said
if he was going to hit her he'd have to hit me, and i asked
him if he wanted to do that. and he stroked my cheek with
his hand, and looked into my eyes, and was like, nah, i
would never lay a hand on you...at least not in a violent
way. i was like, oh my god. then right when he left jimmy
came up. ugh! i don't know. everybody's getting on jimmy
because of my age, since i'm so young. and his friends are
all mad at him because he's spending so much time with me
and not them. and, i don't force him too. i tell him all the
time to go hang out with some of his friends. but he doesn't
want too. i don't know what i'm going to do. i wish someone
would tell me.