Cosmic Rain
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2003-02-17 07:48:31 (UTC)


This was from yesterday. I sort of lost the mood for it. So
hence why I never finished it. Yesterday was great, but
went from bad to worse. I managed to get a whatever from
one person. I managed to totally not talk to another and
bug another with too many questions. Go me! So last night
my head just throbbed, because I don't think in a long time
have I managed to be out of sorts with so many people at
once. All for different things. It was quite depressing.
And it's not like they are any better today. Well I'm
hoping they will be. I've tried. But I get that run feeling
syndrome because of it. Just go away for a bit instead of
having to have the full front of these little depressing
things in my face. Dig a little hole and slip in for
awhile. But I wont do that. And with a lot of it I'm scared
of losing things. That with the changes that might come I
lose something. Almost like being forgotten. Maybe not
totally, but them realising they don't really need me
around anymore. For they have other things to satisfy them.
I don't know. I don't really want to think about it much. I
don't want to think about a lot. I wish I could turn my
head off. It thinks way too much. Funny, last night I
dreamt of swarms of bees. And that is exactly my head at
the moment. A buzz of activity.

Anyway, here was my part entry from yesterday.

"...I'm Deafffffffff!!!!! That was a wicked little concert,
but ending up near the speakers, as the crowd shuffled and
jostled for a good possie left me DEAF and at the end of it
amazingly enough Vanessa started sounding like a I'm not sure if was my ears or what.
But they still aren't back to normal
naturally is not a good thing. But it's not like I go to
concerts and stand next to speakers often. But glad I went
to this one. Always wanted to see her perform, because I
knew it would be good and it was.

It was a typical kinda festival. All your little stalls and
food. Lots of YUMMY food. Italian Donuts and Corn and those
little P can't spell it. The mini pancakes
ya get with butter and icing sugar and I know they have the
letter J in them...and they sounds like "Pofferges" We were
gonna offer them $2 for the van, for it was for sale. Could
set it up in the backyard and have Poff Parties. I also
tried some Peach Ice Tea, which I never drink and it wasn't
toooo bad. Got some show bags naturally. Pondered on taking
down the bead table. Well we just imagined the chaos with
all those beads all over the place. Mat was still in the
pms's for some reason and didn't come with me when I left.
Then sms'd just before Vanessa went on to perform with some
smart arse comment that he'd turned up there. So I ignored
it. Couldn't be bothered. Don't know what the deal is
there. Got some good photos hopefully, but this stupid
wanker of a security dude kept standing in the way. So
gonna see if I can steal some of Rey's and Trina's cause
they had the digi cam and could hold it over everyone's
heads and get good photos still..."

And that was as far as I got and this is as far as I am
going now. I've got squash, so I need to get ready for that
and I have nothing more to write.