A Hippie's Thoughts......
2001-09-25 23:52:53 (UTC)

Tiring Tennis.....

Hey Journal! Well 2day has been *ok* I guess. We played
N.west in tennis 2day..and we lost (as always) 1-8:-/ Me
*n* Dayle were the only 1's that won..cuz we won doubles! I
ALMOST won singles..but Grr I didnt! She won the 1st Set..I
won the 2nd...*n* She got to 7 1st in the Tie Breaker!
Gah..our match lasted 2 hrz! I am SOOOOOOO tired cuz our
doubles was like 45 minutes and this is about the 1st time
ive really gotten 2 sit down! Ughhhhhhh Every bone in my
body hurts!:( Well..I saw *Bacon* 2day! That was all
good:D! Well im gonna bounce!

With Love,