Expressions Of Myself
2001-09-25 23:51:56 (UTC)

Tuesday September 25th 2001

Nothing too special today. I went to work as usual. At
about 2:15, we were slow enough to cut everyone but Lisa
and me. We split the restaurant in two. I feel like I
should have made about 90 dollars..but I went home with
about it's not so bad. But I am tired from running
my booty off! I decided to get the kids Burger King and I
brought chicken home from work for Dan. So at least he'll
have something to eat when he comes home. Then I cleaned up
most of the house and did some laundry. Feel like I
accomplished something anyway. I am trying to pass time
before we leave for vacation.....9 more days and
counting...woo hoo! I am so happy to be able to go to NY
for a reason other than a funeral. This wedding is going to
be so beautiful..if for no other reason than my sister is
the bride! I adore her and admire her. She's a wonderful
person. I am also very proud of my brother, Michael. He's
come a long way and I wish I could say I had somehting to
do with it, but I think he did it mostly on his own. Good
for him. Lord knows I have my hands full with my three
monsters....sometimes I can't believe they came from me!
But I love each and every one of them with all my heart.
I'd do anything for them. I hope they come to realize that
It will be time for my shower soon. Sammie is already
asleep and Chris is on his way. That leaves Amber..but
she's easy cause she'll read to herself and stay quiet for
the most part. She's been reading a children's bible story
book I got her...that makes me happy. Maybe she'll learn
more than I did at her age. Tomorrow is school picture day
so I have to get them ready and looking decent earlier than
usual. They take forever to get moving in the morning. I
wish school didn't begin at 8's too early for kids
this age. They have to be up at or before 7 just to be
there on time. Crazy. But no choice.
Anyway, will write more when I have the chance.