2001-09-25 23:36:10 (UTC)

your brown eyes

why haven't you made an entry?
why do you leave me with nothing to see?
why have you foresaken me?

long time no see. i haven't writtin, basically because there
is nothing to write. of course when i do have something to
write, im going to write it. i miss liz, and i talk to her
sister now more than her. i mean her sister is cool, but i
just miss liz. i just got done with the book Tell No One, by
Harlen Coben. that book was incredible. it took me a day and
a half. i hope they make a movie of it. anyways, im
beginning steven king's the Dreamcatcher. hope it's as good.
i don't know why im reading alot all of a sudden. i wish i
had discovered it a long time ago, actually. but hell, i
barely have time to do anything now-a-days. im incredibly
sick at the moment. i feel weak, have a major cold, and
stuff. i missed school today, and plan on missing it
tomorrow. ive got to get over this quickly, but it just
doesnt seem like that. this past weekend was interesting.
washington's homecoming was a blast. not as good as my
school's the previous week, but it wasnt bad at all. the
party afterwards was really interesting. u can tell a true
person by what happens when theres a ton of your friends
around, its really late, or early in the morning, and
EVERYONE is basically sleepwalking, lol. but it was fun.
SPACEBALLS is the best movie ever. LOL!!! anyways, i got
sick sunday evening, so im guessing one of my friends gave
it to me! ahhck. well im getting drowsy, so im gonna leave.
talk to you all later!