"My Wonderful Life"
2001-09-25 23:28:38 (UTC)

An okay day

Well my day went pretty well. I didnt have to do anything
in weights but that sucks cuz I am getting weaker by the
day. But first went good but for that. 2nd was the same
boring. 3rd was ok I fell alseep in there. In 4th you know
thats my fun class all the time. We had to play some
new/old music we got and that was pretty fun but our
section leader doesnt know what the Hell she is doing.God
she gets on my nerves. Lol, J/k Tiffani dont be mad your
the best section leader anyone can have. If you get on
tonight I might ask you something or i will save it
tomorrow its not bad by what I think and I hope you dont
either. Ok and matt he was a tigh ass today at practice.
He thinks he all big and bad and can do what ever he wants
and try to be bigger than the Coach. He wasnt runnig hard
and did not listen to the coaches and was back talking
them. You my dawg matt but If you dont like it Then Just
QUIT. I dont want to lose anymore games because you ass
does not want to block or run the ball hard. thats all i
am going to say about that. thats my little mean word of
the day I'm out #3