abby c

wow... that sucks
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2001-09-25 23:07:05 (UTC)

today i had a detention and..

today i had a detention and then went to toni's... i just
got back, shes so much fun me n her should hang out more!

today is tuesdayyy... i need to clean my room from the mess
i made on sunday

i'm listenign to the best song

haha, missy elliot - 4 my people.... wait, now biggy - big
............. how ghetto

today i was feelign better than last night..... i mena, i
still feel the same... but it doens't seem so serious
today... i thought wayyy too much last night

ppl always ask me if they're my friend cuz they dont think
they are... but thats never the case... thats ussually what
i'm thinking about them

i'd be writing more but i feel pretty dumb