Deb's messed up life
2001-09-25 22:58:02 (UTC)

Good day.

I'm having a great day today. All day has just been very
happy. I have not been sad even once today!! I'm tired
though. Aaron and I spent more time together than him and
Courtney. HaHa! I think that I'm finally starting to
realize that just because he likes Courtney, doesn't mean
he likes me any less. I know he's been saying that all
along, but it's just starting to hit me. I can be flirty
with him now and I couldn't be like that with him before
because there was no reason to flirt anymore. I don't know
if this is making any sense but it's how I feel. Courtney
is no competition for me. I don't know what I was even
worried about. I got Aaron right where I want him. I'll
make him come to me instead of pathetically begging HIM
like before. Today is a great day. I just felt superior
to her today on Aaron's "scale". He stayed with me in the
morning and on the bus on the way home and at lunch, he
talked to me when we passed in the hall. I know all this
sounds cheesy because we always do that stuff. But
breaking up has made all that stuff special. And we are
going out Friday night. I wanna say it's a "date" but I
don't know if I should call it that. A date is when 2
people that like each other go somewhere together and spend
time together. Then I guess you can call it a date. I'm
so excited. I hope that Saturday when he's with Courtney,
he accidentally calls her Debbie and she get pissed and
never talks to him again. That would be sweet. Then Aaron
will definitely be mine. G2G

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