The crazy world of me
2003-02-17 04:05:31 (UTC)

long day

yeah so it has been a long day today. i had to work from
11-8 so i am so tired. Oh I am not sure if I said it but I
got my job back at Wal Mart. Its cool I guess. I have fun
there with those people. Probably because they are as dumb
as i am but anyway. Today was super fun.
So my brothers wife had the twins. They named them
Mackenzie and Jordan. I don't like jordan for a girl but
whatever. Mackenzie has a lung disease though and I am
really worried about it but they say she should be fine and
i hope they are right. But I am going to go because I am
waking up early to go see them and then I have to work and
stuff and I am tired