Moonwind Dancer

Moonwind Dancer's Shadow of the Nig
2001-09-25 22:55:23 (UTC)

Sarah Sucks!!

I am so tired of listening to her bitching and wining she
never shuts up!! If you need something done---she is too
tired or too busy! I let Ricky take home a little glass
table that my friend gave me yesterday and he was supposed
to go get me one to replace it today.....only now his foot
is too bad to goover and get it. His mother,SARAH, is on
the phone bitching to me about how poor things are for her
and her family. The job she was so proud of is going sour
becasue she is too stupid to do it. She is blaming it all
on the people she works with. She forgets she told me some
time ago she just doesn't want to work, she wants someone
to take care of her. I am soooooo tired of hearing it.
She ahs had me stacking spells on top of spells and nothing
is working because they are getting muddled together. I
can't afford to support her anymore. She has used me up
and I can't do any more. I am not the reason she and her
husband broke up, SHE IS!!! Now that I can't give her
whatever she wants out of MY HUSBAND'S check, she is
whinning again. I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE!!! I am ready to
scream. Ricky has my husband's laptop and he had better be
taking care of it. I am sick for real not just mentally
sick and they keep chewing at my butt. What can I do. They
have three checks coming in to their house and they come to
mine to get the things they need. Like yesterday...I gave
her the chair my friend gave to me and all she could say
was that it was comfortable but IT SMELLS LIKE CIGARETTES!
I sent over my fabreeze and some stuff to get rid of the
fleas in her carpet and some flea shampoo for her dogs....I
am wondering when she will want me to send over my husband
and his paycheck so she can have them too. SHE BITCHES ALL
must say..My husband makes just a little abouve minimum
wage. I get a ssi check. She gets almost $9 an hour as
does her son and the other son get $800 a month in SS. So
put their checks together and they make almost $2000 a
month to our $1100 a month. What is wrong with this
picture??? Why do they come to us. I loaned her $20
almost a month ago and she blew me off to get her nails
done and a part for her son's radio car. We already sent
over 2 tv's and a sony playstation and a Ninetendo 64 all
with games and it seems WE HAVEN'T GIVEN ENOUGH!! I am
tired and can't go on any more. I have had it...she is
going to cause me to have a heart attack. I must go back
to bed now. I have the Flu. Sorry I bitched but it felt
good to let go,