dear diary...
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2003-02-17 03:52:48 (UTC)


My name is Jennifer Morgan I am in the 6th grade.
I'm an average student nothing to special.For some reason
though I have a problem geting along w/my teachers (most of
them hate me) boy friend(how sad)...What
else...oh! I am twelve years old...I have brown/gold
highlighted hair and hazel/green eyes (Avrage looking) I'm
5'2 (avrage hight)Basicly I'm just avrage.Boring and
avrage...Pitty me.
My favorite things;
1)My best frinds
2)My other friends
3)My phone
4)The mall!!!
5)Eminem(he's got my vote 4
hottest guy on earth!!!)
6)Did I mention my friends!:-)

Things I hate;
1)George Bush(both)
2)Michael Jackson(can you say disturbed
40yr. old millionare)
3)my parents rules!
4)school(just mine)

If you are still planning on reading my diary there are
some things you need 2 know;

1)I am the worst speller on the planet!!!
2)My grammer ain't the best(LoL)
3)normaly nothing really interesting happens 2 me.
5)what ever you do DON'T take me seiriously.Lol

This is the first time I've ever kept a diary.
Its kinda' wierd wrting down your feelings 'bout stuff.
Nothing else worth writing happened 2day.Sorry.Till next

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