My *Daily* Nightmare...
2003-02-17 03:18:23 (UTC)

Hey there

Heyy everyone.. its like.. 9:07.. sunday night. i really
should be doing something productive.. like homework.. or
watchin my hockey game.. but.. naturally. im wasting time
on the internet. Yeah. Well. What else is new?? Well this
weekend..was pretty non-productive as well. I went to
Jennifers on Saturday.. thinkin i could escape the terror
that is Allen, Texas.. and so we drove around for about 17
freakin hours.. tring to locate J.. *yes im still angry at
u for that one mister* or anyone else who lived in plano.
It was actaully rather amusing. and i ended up stayin the
night with her.. *as usual*.. and did absoutly nothing..
*usual again..* Then today. we drove.. went out to eat..
drove some more.. and i came home. Wow. Yeah.. My
whole "IDEA" of going to plano.. was to see Jennifer and
Scotty, and hang out with them. But.. Being Scott.. he was
in Oklahoma for friday and saturday.. and on sunday he
already had made plans with Matt. Oh well.. theres always
different weekends. :o). Well.. i guess that sums it up..
im rather bored.. so im going to go find soemthing to
cook.. heh.. Bye.