Tye's journal
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2001-09-25 22:34:06 (UTC)

Almost doesn't count

At times you wonder what about you makes you who you are.
For me i guess the best would be hmmm. Geeze i really am
not sure. See I ahve a bit of a complex life. I guess it
woudl be my lack of keeping someone. First off friendships
yea, i have friendships close friends, special friends, fun
friends. But i lack trust in relationships. Sometimes i
wonder if it's me or if a damanged or something. I mean i
get told i am pretty but then when it comes to
relationships i tend to get my heart broken. I can't say i
truly trust that many people any more. Well guys i mean if
we want to get it out straight. My first heart break was
terrible! It took me months and months to get over. And i
truly didn't trust that boy with anything for a long time.
But hearts mend and so did i and me and him are quiet close
again and i turst him completly. (weed your quiet the
little heartbreaker) :) But anyway. My point is . Is this
the way my life is intended to go or will i find that
someone that i will beable to connect with and trust?By the
way if you have been hurt by me and you are a guy i am
sorry too. Sometimes my heart just tells me to do things
and i dont' understand them at the time. But the best way
is always follow your heart. Relationships come and go
sometimes you think there forever and the other person
thinks there only for a time. What you choose to do about
it is your decision. - ME

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