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2003-02-17 02:58:57 (UTC)

My dad is not Jewish

I wake up this morning at 7 am, to the sound of my dad
singing that one Jewish song Hava Nagila (or however you
spell it), and dancing around the living room. he looked
like a psycho mad man. and then my mom's friend who is
visiting is sitting there laughing her head off, and my
mom is clapping her hands.... my family needs help! and my
dad had gone on the computer at like 5 am and downloaded
all these jewish songs onto his mp3 player, and was
blasting them through the speakers all morning. and then
he's out in the living room dancing around like a baffoon.
what the hell?! my family is so odd. it's definitely
genetic... =/ at least i wasn't the only one who was
scared of my dad... all my brothers and sisters were too.
but he does stuff like this all the time. like... he
actually PLAYS pokemon cards, and he LOVES toys. whenever
we go to the mall, he buys toys, but for himself. last
weekend when we went to horton plaza, the FAO schwarz was
closing, so my dad went in and got all these toys. he got
about 10 bags of toys. and he bought an elctric scooter,
and he rides it around the block! aaahhhh! i wanna die!
and all my friends think my dad is the coolest guy ever. i
guess so.... except when he's mad... but he's just a
gigantic 8 year old. ok... yea... bye