Mystical Blonde Girl

Mystical World Of A Wild Blonde
2001-09-25 22:14:23 (UTC)

I still lik him, yet I care about him so much too... hate this guy though!

Well I'm not mad anymore, cause I know I WILL get even. I
refuse to let people use me and piss me off. I get back. I
WILL get back, don't worry about that.

brb got to pass out papers...

Ok back.

Ok well I was having a pretty "hard" day at school cause I
kept freaking thinking of Ian and how much I want to see
him. It was driving me nuts!

So after school I rush home hoping Ian would be on or would
have emailed me... nope =(

I did however get to talk to Charlene, cause she stayed
home sick. Then I was talking to this guy Christian online
and he really wanted me to call him before he left for
work. So I said ok I would do that. I called and got his
answering machine and I had told Charlene that I would go
with her to go shopping real fast cause she really wanted
to go. So at 5:10pm he hadn't called back, so I left to go
with Charlene.

Which I spent over 3 hourswith her lol

So when I get home at 8:30pm my mom tells me that Christian
called and so did UNC. (Unc just wanted to tell em they
would be at the school at 8am today...which I forgot about
LOL) So I called Christian back and left another message.
He got it, so he called me back like maybe 20 minutes after
that. I talked to him till 11:25pm. I mean HOLY SHIT! Well
he wanted me to go with him last night, but it was already
too late. Other wise I would have gone with him. PLUS he
had a crotch rocket! hehe

I can't stop thinking about Ian... He is always on my
mind... well besides the one person you would KICK me for
thinging about... Nick

Yes I know what you are thinking, "OMG KATIE ARE YOU
NUTS?!"... I think I might be, but about him. I just... no
matter what he does I fucking can't help, but STILL like
him... I'm sad yes I know...

WHAT DO I DO? I can't help it. I care about him. I mean I
CARE about him... I care a GREAT GREAT deal about Ian...
GRRR Ian comes back in 3 months... Couldn't I date Nick in
that time???

I don't like christian like I thought I would. He is
FUCKING COCKY! Too much! grrrr He pissed me off. Tried to
MAKE me give him a blow job. I mean I like giving them if I
liek the guy... but he is a fucking prick!!!!!!!!


Unfortunitly I have to be going... but I will hopefully
have something to tell you =) *wink wink*

See ya!