forever changing
2003-02-17 02:12:57 (UTC)

a short blurb

today was relitively good. i went over to my best friends
house and for some reason when ever i am with her i am
comfortable. we talk about everything. and i do mean
EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! we can talk for hours and never have a
dull moment in our conversation. she is the first person i
have been able to truely confide in. and what makes it the
best is our friendship is thouroghly mutual. i love her to
death!!! when we talk we both talk and it is great!!! i
have written several poems about her mainly because even
though it isn't my life i know her so well i can see from
her perspective and i know the things she goes through and
visa versa.
god i love that girl if it wasn't for her i would not be
the person i am today.
i will probably put some of my poems i have written about
her on later but i don't have the time right now so i wont.
farewell for now