And she was dull razors
2001-09-25 21:58:41 (UTC)


Hopefully this journal does better then the Live Journal
one. Live Journal tends to upset me a bit...

Today was okay I guess. It is too cold though. And Tonic
depresses me. Everything depresses me. I hate this. I need
help now... please?

I have the flu. I can't keep any of my food down. Ugh. I
should be sleeping but I really don't want to. Sleeping is
for the weak... I am weak.

I wanted to go see Traci today but I keep forgetting that
she hasn't graduated yet. I hate being the only person who
has graduated. All of my friends are still in school. Much
suckage here.

Eurydice is chewing on the mouse...


Current Mood : Depressed
Current Music : Tonic .:. Lemon Parade