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2003-02-17 02:09:28 (UTC)

Wow....Its Been A LONG time

It has been a really long time since I have written in
here. So here is what has happened lately: I met THE MOST
awesome girl ever. Well that I would ever consider a
Girlfriend. I also met a really AMAZING, awesome, sweet,
and so much more, Guy. The day before Easy Cheesy V-day, I
was walking to school, when I Heard someone coughing, like
one of those fake "look-over-here" coughs. So I turned
around and it was him! He walked up to me, and gave me a
box of candy, with a Garfield suction-cup pawed thingy on
it. I thought it was soooo amazingly sweet. That night,
online, I found his Aim name and Imed him. He asked me out.
It was funny, because of what he said, which was, "Will you
go out with me?......Ill give you a dollar or something.."
I thought that was sweet. And, Of course, I said yes. So
now we are "going out". We went to the mall last night (and
I COMPLETELY forgot to go to cafe(I am a forgetful Idiot)).
But, I had the most awesome time. We snuck into Final
Destination 2 (Hilarious!) and walked around. We saw a few
friends there. We stayed in the back of KB toys making out
for about an hour, and went home. He is so great..I wouldnt
trade him for a thing. He is so incredible! Ah! ^.^ I keep
thinking that if i smile any bigger, my face will get stuck
this way. This is the first time I have been truly happy
in....FOREVER! Arg! I have done enough rambling for one
night....goodnight random people! Bbye!


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