Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2003-02-17 01:50:11 (UTC)

And after 17 days of being idle

Well, I've misssed 17 days of school. I went to the
office and they said I was in big trouble... I wasn't
scared or anything I was already prepared for the worst. I
guess thats just like me though I'm doing things the hard
way. Aw oh well, you only live once on earth so I guess I
should make the best of it. Haven't seen TV in a few months.
I wonder whats on channel 48? I love watching
cartoons, haha I don't think I'll ever grow out of them. Oh
yeah V-day was yesterday I think. I hope Malinde an Wendy
got get my letters I wrote them. I really do love them
both. I'm not pimping or anything, I hate pimps. They are
just the only two girls that I really like being with you
JC and Robert are over again. Justin is about to cean
his room!!!! Its like woa?! When'd hell freeze over?!
hahaha he never cleans his room and then blames everyone
else because of it! What nerve huh? He's just a jerk and
thinks he's always in charge. I'm his big brother and he
should listen to me. But he never does. Thats just him
though. Sometimes I just wantto be alone more than anything
else in the world. I like sleeping when I'm not in good
Looks like I'll have to get going. Don't want justin
to change his mind about cleaning his room. We had a happy
Valentines Day and one day soon, I hope to be in home
school. My pop should be ou sometime soon too so thats
good. I'll see you later alright? Stay Cool

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