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2003-02-17 01:09:28 (UTC)

Action Jackson

so alex apparently needs something to read really badly so
now im writing my journal...k this is what i have to say...


k i feel heres what happened yesterday...

i ended up going out with Alex from Russia and Natalie and
Jonoton were there at first coming with me until they
decided that I'm retarded for not telling Alex and then
made me realize that yes I am retarded and I shouldn't
have done that but I needed some action you know...k so on
to the night...

well we ended up first at tango/crews and alex from russia
was completely happy that he got to go to a dyke bar...k
whatever im like this sucks shithair on alex's third
ass...then he noticed his first ever girl that looks like
a boy and he was infatuated with that because he thought
it was amazing how she looked like a boy and a cute boy at
that (sidenote: this was when i started thinking that Alex
from russia might be a little insane)...(and the girl/boy
was not cute trust me)...k next we were at babylon where
we pretty much stayed all night...we got martini's and
went up to the third floor and sat down on a chair...he
decided to kiss me and i let him and that was when things was like that all night...we moved to the
couch and then just made out and fondled and whatever else
while in front of two guys who were looking at us like
they wanted to join in and we're like ah no...then Alex
was getting a little too into it for my tastes at a club
with his hands down my pants and wanting to ride me
(?) was when he sat on me and started riding me that
im like k not in a club please and thanks because im not
an exhibitionist...then we cooled down a bit and talked to
these two ladies and a guy who we thought was gay but
wasn't..he's like that's ok you guys can continue what
your doing it doesn't bother me my cousins gay...and then
the two girls are like wow you guys are totally getting it
on...and then she told us how she wanted sex soo badly
because she hasn't seen her boyfriend in a month...she
went to a sex store and bought anal beads, a dildo, some
lingerie and other stuff...she lives in the
caribbean...she was nice...then we were like k lets go to
my car and he was like ok but i don't do stuff in cars im
like k that's we said bye to the people and they
were like bye have good sex...and we're like no we're not
having sex and they were like aww that sucks do you guys
live at home...and we said yes...then the straight guy
wanted to know about m2m online because his gay cousin
uses it and im like its we ended up at the
car and then he just started making out with me and stuff
and im like k what happened to no car sex...anyhoo...THERE
WAS NO SPEWING OF SPEWDATZ but it was fine until he ripped
my foreskin i dunno about him...hes
really good looking and cute and has nice
abs...hahaha...but i don't know if there's anything there
yet...we'll see i guess...he told me about his crazy past
and im like hmmm so you used to be a big drug dealer???
and a big druggie??? not that attractive...i don't think
this is going anywhere....another one to add to the pile
of my life...i laughed more with Alex at his house and at
Dominion then with Alex from Russia so I think that means
that Alex from Russia sucks ball hair...i think I need to
masturbate...and I want sushi because me and Alex got no
sushi yesterday...we did get cottage cheese!!!

im with Alex on getting really fat and just screwing life
right up the ass...yeah i wanna stick two turkeys and a
pig between my FF cup boobs...that would be so fun...ahh
good times good times...since we watched Survivor I must
comment on Dave as well because he is hot and smart and is
independent(he voted on his own you guys!)...i wonder if
he has tight foreskin???

so another day with sore penishead that is really i must make tea and drink it and bathe in
hot water and stretch my foreskin and masturbate and go
out with natalie to make her feel better...and Alex I can
hear you breathing on the phone right now...its created a
rhythm...and tell those fucking italians in the background
to leave so you can eat and i don't have to hear them

love you all...

p.s. i can hear you type slut

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