Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-02-17 01:00:49 (UTC)

Am I Tired? God, I Hope So.

It didn't recognise I Should Coco either. I don't wanna
download the update. Its so big!

I can't sleep yet, I've got a minor nose bleed and I don't
enjoy the taste on top of the raspberry coffee. (I need
some more actually. A mild, dry one I think, and one
fruit, maybe a third rahndom). So what am I doing still

Well, I'm on my own (I was just reading back through my
previous laments, it seems like a whole different me all
that time ago. It is I guess. I saw that looking at photos
the other day - we all look older, wiser, better, worse)
and there's not a lot I want to do. I've got a tear in my
eye. Just a single one (Like at the end of The Truman Show
last night, it works so much better in English than
German) and I think its tiredness rather than sadness, it
must be. I can't cry at a live version of Fall On Me, can

Wouldn't be the first time, I don't suspect. I found
myself weeping remembering the Chronic Town EP the other
day. If anyone ever really wants me to like them, then buy
me an R.E.M. 12". I REALLY hope to get the Chronic Town EP
off of E-bay in a few days time, but I've got a plan. Have
I mentioned it? I don't care.

I want a wall-mounted display with all the albums (and
EPs) in it, on a wall in my house, so I can look at them,
and just...there's something about a 12" that is powerful,
something....right about it. The same with Café Bleu. That
works really well as a 12". I don't know. I don't want to
get into that whole "I want to be middle aged" crap again.
People know I do. Everyone does.

I don't know. '..but then it wouldn't be sky anymore...'.
I might give it a tribute, like I did Nightswimming...I've
got it. I know what I can do!

WILT? R.E.M. 2001-01-13 - Fall On Me (Rock In Rio, I