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2001-09-25 21:25:08 (UTC)

Strike 2 for Brit-Brit

Ok, they are premiering videos left right and centre today
at MuchMusic and they show the new Britney Spears video. All
I have to say is "Britney! What the Hell were you
thinking?!" I LIKE Britney Spears and this just totally
ticked me off. She makes me completely angry sometimes
because here she is a role model for young girls and she
dresses like something off of Yonge St.? Oh man! I couldn't
help but get angry. I was angry with her for the whole
"having sex with a chair" thing in her "Stronger" video and
the lack of clothes and rolling around with a guy on the
beach in "Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know". And her
supposed virginity story yet she lives with Justin
Timberlake. I think any girl with have a problem with
chastity living with that boy! *BLUSH* Oh yeah and the curse
fest at Rock In Rio?! Ok, I know celebrity is hard. I know
they have a need to be themselves and all that, but at the
same time, you have to look at the demographics that your
music appeals to and well, if they're for prepubescent
girls, should you not try to model appropriate behaviour for
them so we don't have a whole bunch of little 12 year olds
running around half-naked? Please! I think I'm losing
respect for you.

Current Mood: perturbed
Current Music- Funnily enough, Britney Spears "Don't Let Me
Be The Last To Know"

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