CrAzY LiFe!!
2001-09-25 21:14:02 (UTC)

ThE GiFt.......

Yesterday Mark went to Independence 2 look 4 what he was
gunna wear for Homecoming then he called me when he gots
home. He said he just got pants cuz he couldnt find any
shirts or shoes he really wanted. So anyways....Then he
goes but i got u something. I was like why ..?? I have 2
get u something then cuz thats not fair. And then he said
no u dont because I have a job and I can buy stuff like
that. and it wont matter anyways cuz eventually I'll end p
having 2 get u something later on so it doesnt matter...But
anyways I gotta get him something now other wise I'll feel
bad! But so anywoo I went 2 school and after 2nd hour he
come 2 my locker and hes like do u want it and I put my
hand out and he reached in his pocket and pulled out....a
Blink 182 cd I didnt have yet!! I have happy I gave him a
hug! But thats about all that happened! So I'm gunna go