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2003-02-17 00:16:44 (UTC)

We were sitting there on the..

We were sitting there on the couch, just the two of us
after the dance. He was still wearing his dress pants and
shirt, but had taken his tie off. I was still wearing my
strapless formal. We were exhausted, it had been a long
evening, so we laid down to watch the movie and spooned.

He kept running his fingers over my shoulders because they
were so bare and he wasn't used to it. It felt wonderful.
My back had been hurting a little bit from wearing heels so
I layed on my stomach on the couch and relaxed while he sat
on top of my butt and massaged me. His hands were strong
and warm and felt wonderful over my skin. He gently
massaged, caressed, and stroked my skin, I hardly noticed
when he undid the zipper to get at the rest of my back. He
stroked my entire back and then laid down on me.

My dress had been unzipped down the back far enought that
he could just see the top of my lacy thong. Enough to make
a little comment about it at least...