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2001-09-25 21:10:01 (UTC)


i am lost...
i dont know where i am or where to go..
im so depressed its making me phsycly sick
cant sleep,cant eat,constant headaches
i hate this

sarah got sum ohter guy,shes hte love of my life,i love her
with all my heart,i cant take this.....

tears drop from pain strucken eyes
the look on my face is one of dispise
towards the world that doesnt care
to every one of my freinds that is never there
the peddles of death bloom in my way
as i get ready to leave there is nothing to say...

good bye cruel world.....

yah,i felt i had to write a poem,took all of..15 seconds?

im leaving this cold world soon i dont have newhere else to

i just got done eating,well,trying to

yah,abby told me about this shit
abby is great
shes so fun n funny n i duno abby is just abby
i think i like her?
i duno? i think i like kt too? but i dont really know n abby r good buddies.. me n kt r just like yah "hey
wuts up nm u nm here either oh ok cya later" type buddies
abby never confuses me,that is weird,cuz everything not gunna tell ne1 i know about this journel thing
cuz most of em r gay n would jugde me on it i duno ill tell
abby cuz shes like one of the only ppl that i can relate to
(her n miek n thats it)
abby would never like me tho
espcialy now,not good time,shit with ed n family
i duno i feel bad for abby shes such a good person n gets
all this shit
my dad just told me he owns me
wut a fucker
damn im writing alot of shit
im gunna go