my life...
2001-09-25 21:05:54 (UTC)

grrrrowl :-)

Dear Diary~
Hey whats up?? Nothin was really weird...well
it pissed me off in the beginning...I am doing really bad
in pre~calc :( but besides that I couldn't think about
spanish for shit and then my ex decides to say hi in a
somewhat of a derogatory way...I dislike him greatly right
about now...I mean he needs to make up his freaking
mind...I mean not about me and him obviously...but about
whether or not he wants to be friends...I am getting to the
point where I don't even care about the friendship
anymore...I have tried so much to maintain it...It would
just be kind of cool if we didn't say hi at all ever...that
way I wouldn't feel like he's stooping down to my level by
syaing total sarcasm there...I just don't care things for sure if he wants to be all talking
to me and stuff it should be that way all the time...if he
is worried about his g/f thinking that there's still
something going on...she is out of her mind...of course she
probably wouldn't care she's well...i am gonna be nice :)
screw both of them...whoops I mean they can go and screw
each other again lol....besides I have a way better
boyfriend now...
He's better than my ex could dream of being...My sweetie is
amazing... :) I get to see him on wed...yah!! How awesome
is that?? well you would probably have to be in my position
to answer that...I just hope that he doesn't think that I
still like my ex...yuck yuck...that would be sooooo yeah as always I miss my hunnie....
I have been such a bitch lately to everyone...I feel
bad...I think I need to be going to bed earlier than I have
or I need to sleep after I just got done
doing :) I have kickboxing tonight with
Mare~bear,Pheebs,and Nikki...I am a little tired to be
bouncing around but oh well...I think that Nikki should go
to HC...I mean it is her senior year and it just won't be
the same without her... I can't wait to see Erin's future
husband cough Jamie I seriously think that they
will get married though :) Mary's going and all and I know
that she would rather be going with her boyfriend...a lil
weird that he's not taking her huh? yeah I thought so
too...tim's nice to be taking her...I think that she can do
a million and a half better than Matt...I mean don't get me
wrong he is a nice guy but he should be treating her
better...well humm I think I am gonna go now..ill write
soon...peace love and smiles-God Bless America :)~


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