Visions Of Life
2001-09-25 21:00:16 (UTC)

Poetry, Reading Material and An Anti-Bush Statement...

Reading Material:

The Koran
Sirens of Titan
More To Be Added Later After A Trip To The Bookstore...

The rapture in my mind
Unknown death from unseen kiss
The tingle through my spine
Enbodyment of inner sin
Invisable lover stealing my soul
Hand clasped around mine, the look in his eye
My phantom, my darkest desire
Real in touch, pleasure, feeling
Yet just a ghost, spirit of my hopes

My love
Forbidden companion
Within me
Gentle hands, Timid heart
My body, essence and soul

Okay. Last night at work I was reading the Denver Post
Sunday edition(Im a day behind on my After
reading the usual depressing crap in the main section, I
flipped to the opinion section. After reading some letters
people sent in, I was quite happy to see that a few people
have come to their sences and realized that war is not the
answer. But anyways, I started reading this article that
one of the usual journalists wrote. I was appauled! I
actually threw the paper across the room. This guy, who
will remain nameless,(not because of respect but because
the paper is in my car)had the nerve to call Bush a great
leader! After shouting out a stream of obscenities, I sat
back down and contemplated this idea. I came to the
conclusion that calling Bush a great leader was the biggest
crock of shit I have ever heard. I mean, how can you think
that a barbaric child killer is a great leader? Hitler was
a better leader then Bush.Also evil but at least he had
some intelligence. Now, I am not saying that Bush is evil.
I am saying that he is a close minded, arrogant, ignorant
fool that has no right to lead our nation. I think this
whole Afghanistan incident has proven that. Of course I
cant just blame him. I blame our whole countries ignorance
and lack of compassion and common sence. Personally, I
think Bush should leave the whitehouse and run back to
daddy and his silver spoon and continue living life like
the selfish, rich son of a bitch he is. Another reason I
dont like him. How can a person who has never known
poverty. Never had to struggle for anything. Never knew
what it was like to not have designer clothes and food on
the table possibly understand the majority of the
population? That is ridiculous! Of course the same thing
could be said for the majority of the past presidents,
including Clinton, who I think was a great president for
the most part. He started the peace negotiations in Israel.
Too bad Israel put pressure on the US around election time
which caused us to back down on our part of the deal.. But
that is another story for another time. With that said I
shall now wander off. As always, Send me your opinions..