the life of tigger, with pooh, bartman,
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2001-09-25 20:17:17 (UTC)

problem not any clearer

mood - headachey
music - billy joel, tribute to heroes, new york state of

hiya ppl, just a quick entry...i am still no more clearer
on the guy that fancies me thing, but i do know now that i
wanna go out with him if he askes me... but im definitewly
not gonna sk him... no way...k.

i got a hedache :( raa

oops 2day i did a bit of a bad thing - it was the class
president elections at school, and the two candidates were
barman and this othe rguy in my vclass that nobody likes
cos he thinks hes ali g, well, i kinda voted 4 the other
guy insted of bartman oopsy...cos well, bartman has bin
class president 4 the past 2 yrs but we have had nuthin
good come outta it...and the other guy does argue for what
he wants and usually gets it...as soon as id gioven in my
vote i kbnew it was a bad idea...then bartman ased me who
id voted for i was like "...thats...ummm...private..." - he
musta known i didnt vote for him.

o well his loss

byyee luv tiggeress