Lost and Searching
2003-02-16 23:00:51 (UTC)

To Tired to move

It is beautiful outside, and for once you can feel warmth
from the sun, and there is no wind to blow you
away....unfortunately i am freaking tired as hell and can
only enjoy it from watching out my bedroom windows...I had
to ask karen to bring me my lap-top becuase i needed to
feel some connection to the outside world and to escape my
very own prison...but then again its my own fault that i am
very tired today...i should of came home early last night
and just forgotten about jeff, but i didn't want to even
deep in my heart i knew i was going to get played sooner or
later, i was just hoping that it was later, but then again
when do i ever get what i want...

I know that i onlyhave a little bit to offer but damnit i
want the happiness...and know that is selfish of me, but i
want to be happy and to make someone happy while i am still