Baby Doll563

2003-02-16 22:47:45 (UTC)

Feb 16th still- 5:42

Just thinking of the trip drive down to Florida with the
fam is killing me. I swear I'm gonna lose my sanity on
that trip if I haven't already.
I have no life what so ever. I swear. I needa bf soo bad
its not funny. Now I don't wanna sound desparate but its
true. I have nothing to do without one. I have some
friends but w/e. The ones that call me are on groundation
for report cards. In the past few days I've started this
diary, learned to rap, practically memorized my song for
the talent show, and finished a book. I amaze myself at
Gonna see whats for dinner for me and Mal. Check in
later for another entry.....