Baby Doll563

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2003-02-16 22:32:33 (UTC)

Feb 16th again- 5:00

Name- Rebecca Elizabeth Ann Nordman
Age- 13
Physical Appearance- Mid-length wavy brown hair.... soon
to be curly. Deep brown/hazel eyes. They change with the
distance between you and my eyes. Full lips. Perfectly
straight teeth (recently made bracless!). Clear skin for
the most part. A break out once and a while can occur. Tan
Skin. Full figured body if you know what I mean. Oftenly
mistaken for a good handful of years older than I really
am. Pretty tall. But I'm becoming "average" now that I'm
in Middle School and most girls have actually started
growing. In the weight departmeant. Never been mistaken as
being anorexic but definatly never been (or will) mistaken
as "fat".
Sports- Cheering. Kickboxxing. Tennis. Soccer.
Bf- single at the moment unfortunatly.... But I'm usually
not. I plain don't know what to do with myself with out
one. Can you say co-dependant?