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2001-09-25 20:06:06 (UTC)

what's heaven like?

ever so slowly...the back of my throat hurts me more and
more. Ever so softly my nose becomes runnier. I am gettin
the flu. Mom says it's a cold but I know that it's the flu.
I only had the flu about 3 times in my life, diary, and
each time I can swear that Im gonna die. I mean, I thought
I was going to frickin DIE. When the flu hits its climax is
when Im "tryin" to sleep in bed and SUDDENLY! I wake
straight up. It feels like Im giving birth to a fetus
through my throat. I have to throw up and quick. Thing is,
the flu gets me so weak that I can barely make it to the
bathroom. So it's hands and knees. By this time, I see blue
and white flashes before my eyes and I crawl to my parents
room and whisper...."ddddddaaaaaaaaddddddd"...this is where
is goes blank. Next thing I know I see the shiny porcelin
and the spillage of chunky chicken vomit. My parents tell
me that I usually pass out and that I have to be carried to
the bathroom. One time, as I spewed up the last breath
outta me...I remember thinking...oh god, what a HORRIBLE
way to die from being sick. That's when I thought
I would be taken away from the flu virus. I was wrong yet
again. Only this time, now that's it's coming again...I
fear the worse. I think that I will die. My immune system
is shot and I might have to go to the hospital. Bring it. I
can't hardly wait....