my so called life
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2001-09-25 19:34:42 (UTC)

I'm so exhausted

Just got home from teaching the kids how to play the
clarinet.. when I started teaching them last summer, they
were four. Then after about a year, this June, they asked
me if I could teach two more kids. I didn't really want to,
but I did anyways. It's been ok, the new ones aren't so
nice as the others, but they'll come around. Then, a few
weeks ago they asked me if I could teach two more. I was
like, naah, I don't wanna.. The conductor said he'd call
me, but he never did. Last week they said that two girls
had gotten their instruments and asked if I could show them
how to put them together and stuff.. I was like, OK..
reluctantly.. the conductor once again said he'd call me
and we'd discuss it. so I showed them how to put the
clarinet together and how to play.. Today these two girls
showed up believing that I was going to be their teacher..
what was I supposed to do? Tell them to f*** off?
When I finished at 7 p.m. this new girl showed up and
wanted me to show her how to put her clarinet together.. I
was like FUCK! I was already tired and had a headache..
Afterwards I went to the leaders and told them THIS IS NOT
OK!! They like told me to calm down and that they'd fix it,
but I dunno.. I'M SO EXHAUSTED!!!!
We had to run forever in gym class today too, no wonder I
can barely keep my eyes open..
I'm SO glad I'm going to the doctor's tomorrow.. I'm not
feeling well at all.. Well, enough moaning..

I'm hungry.. I'm sitting on my computer, chatting online
and trying to write a chemistry journal.. Now Lucy is the
only one who's online.. Ben just left and so did Torje..
I haven't been thinking so much of Ben lately.. I'm
good.. :)

Bella is having a birthdayparty this Saturday..JAJ :)
That'll be fun.. :)

I better finish my journal now.. I'll write more some other
Take care, leave me a message and smile =)