Baby Doll563

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2003-02-16 21:49:42 (UTC)

February 16th- 4:38

Waiting for Mal..... She'll be back in like an hour to
50 minutes. She's sleeping over tonight. So for now I'm
just chillin, listening to music, surfin the net.
I really need a bf or something. I have no life without
one. I'd usually be talkin on the phone with Jimmy but he
was a fag and had to dump him. Haven't kissed a guy in
like weeks..... Okay so it was only Friday when I kissed
Marty on Valentines day. I really like Marty. I don't know
why he wouldn't wanna go out with me.... This isn't a
frequent problem for me as you can see. Well w/e, me and
Kay are workin on it.
Valentine's day was pretty fun. The roller skating at
Happy Wheels was great. Except for the gay music and lack
of hott guys. Unless you want to count Mr. Mitchell but he
didn't pay me the kind of attention he usually does cuz
there were teachers and lots of kids there. Skits at
school afterwards was great. Our marriage skit was best.
It was me, Brit, Jess, Kay, and Matt. Jess was the priest.
Kay and Brit were the brides maid. I was the bride and
Matt was the groom. So I walk down the "asile" and trip
flat on my face. It was so convincing people asked if that
was planned or not... Maybe I could be an actress.
Anyways... So I get up there and start sobbing all through
the ceremony. Then when we go to "kiss" I start
screaming/bawling. It was great. By this point Matt is fed
up and won't leave with me so I have a hissy fit and
scream "BUT WE GOTTA GO ON OUR HONEYMOON!" It was Grammy
award winning. I swear I could be an actress.
After school was sucky. I couldn't go on IM or nothing.
Mal came over and we watched "Sweet Home Alabama". That
was cool. Nothing else happened that night.

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