The Mind of Tee La
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2003-02-16 21:49:32 (UTC)

First Entry WoOo

Welcome to my journal!!! I just got it today. It beats
the living daylights out of the REAL journal I have now.
Only because everytime I try to jot down a thought, it
usually ends up taking up 8 pages. Having carpal tunnel
prevents me from enjoying it. =P
So anyway, to the point... For the past few days, my
life has been a living hell. Maybe I'm just being my
pessimistic self again, but it might be true too...
Valentine's was ok, although gloomy and rainy. =( The
only call I got that day was from my best friend of 12
years. It was really strange too, because for the first
few minutes, I had mistaken him for someone else! Shows
how much I recognize voices. Even those of 12 year old
origins. =) Maybe it was all due to the Kahlua I had in
my ice coffee... But I swear I didn't feel a thing. I
durno. Hehe. I tried calling my other friends too,
wanting to wish them all a Happy Valentine's Day, but as
usual, no one ever bothers to answer the phone. Either
that or they're always busy or out.
Nothing dramatically eventful happened that day either.
I spent most of it online, messing with people's minds and
talking a mile a minute, as usual. Anyone who knows me
that well, should consider this to be true. My mom bought
me a very beautiful bangle with stars, moons, and a sun on
it. =) That seems to be my theme. It made my day. That
and a Baby Bottle Pop that tasted like sherbert. Hehe.
I'm such a sugar/coffee fiend! ^^
Well I gotta go. I don't have a lot of time on here and
I've been taking my time. Lol. So I'll get back to this
later... If anyone cares. Which I doubt. But I think
you'll get over it 'nieway!

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