My Little World
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2003-02-16 21:42:22 (UTC)


Hey All...I just finished cookin a cake and some cookies
that My friend Lauren gave me a mix too! man, they are
REALLY good! Yeah.... Yesterday was fun! I rode with
Allen for the first time! it was extremly fun! I had the
best time! he came over and then we went to the basketballs
games! then when we were ganna leave, we couldnt....he and
i know what happened:):) Hehe! Yeah, and tomorrow he is
coming to pick me up and i am going to spend the day at his
house! I cant wait for that! And then we have the whole
week off for vacation! O I AM SOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!! But i
bet it is going to go by really really really fast! not
fun....but that's ok! i get to see allen alot so that is
the best! welll, all for now! Write me some feedback!
Later All!

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