Ugly on the inside
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2001-09-25 19:20:41 (UTC)

Sugar Down

well today was another crappy day. I just feel so down and
unable to function. I can't help but feel negative. If i
could change that I would... belive me, i would. i have to
work in a few mintues. i don't feel up to it today.
(reminds me of a heidi song).
i'm listening to system of a down... oh my god they're
amazing... rawr. i can't belive i used to hate them a year
ago. i really want to go to the concert they're doing
Pledge of Allegiance... but tix are 40$ and that's fucking
crap... no one should have to pay that much. i'll find a
way around it.
aparently Eric (my ex-boyfriend... most serious one i've
had) found out that angela (my ex-best friend) has been
lying to him again. he doesn't want her talking to me but
she has been... a lot. so, he's pissed off and i quote
nicole in saying "he said that he was going to break up
with that fucking bitch." he didn't belive me last time i
told him she was lying to him, what difference does this
time make? she coarsed him into thinking i was trying to
break the two of them up and i was making up lies... she'll
just do the same thing again. as far as i'm concerned they
can screw themselves. i still care about eric spite what
he's done to me and whatnot but i'm done with it... i
really don't want to go through that emotional hell ever
again. i don't lie.

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