A Rubic's cube and a Ball of Yarn
2001-09-25 19:06:16 (UTC)


Yep, today, 2 months. Why am I so proud? I dont
know...maybe cause I've never lasted this long. :)

Today was a sad weather day. Rain = Grumpy people. Everyone
seems to be sick, except for me. I am tired though, this
whole waking up at 6 am deal is not working. I found a ride
to school! yay! Thank you Shannon(good shannon, that is)!!
I'm really sick of riding the bus with all those damn
smokers. Addicts I tell you! Addicts!

I'm starting to like Christine a whole lot more. Shes like
exactly like me. We're both really sarcastic and best part
is she laughs at my jokes! I guess a lot of people do...I
just started to notice. Its like people, JUST NOW,
discovered I'm funny. Even my own freakin' family. My
sister always wants me to hang out with her friends. Lenny
likes my "smart attitude." Woohoo.

I'm probably going down to Newark this week with Katie to
hang out with Matt...oh, and Bill. lol, jk. Its Katie and
Bills first meeting. Exciting, huh?

Musical practice went well last night. I learned a song!
AND wrote some colorguard work. Me and Molly showed them!

"We've got Magic to do, Just for you, We've got Miracles
plays to play! We've got parts to perform, hearts to warm,
kings and things to take by storm, As we go a long our
way..ay ay ay!"

I'm debating whether to goto the track meet. eh, I'm lazy.
Lazy rebels unite!

I'm hoping Matt will call me. I wanna talk to him.