The diary of Mari
2001-09-25 19:06:10 (UTC)

I H A T E M Y G Y M N A S T I C T E A C H E R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Diary and ppl reading it!!!

Today I had gymnastic and the asshol (sorry) of a teacher
made us go to a hill callen Kaldestadaasen. I hate him! Its
the third time we walk to that shithill!!!!!

The teacher's name is Oddvar and he's 28 years old (tough
it looks like he is 39.. )
He is so fond in that hill but us students.. hate it!

Well my stepsister went home with me and we jumped on the
trampoline and ate noodles. It was fun!

I went to songpractise ( iwanna be a singer :o) and this
time Linn was touched. By the teacher. He always touches us
on the back, neck, stumuck and so on. Its kinda
uncomfortable seens he's ugly. If he were this delicious
guy i woudnt mind :))

I went to brassband practise at 18:00. It was boring. We
had an substitute, the normal teacher was away. It was her
sister. She looked so weird. She always stared at us. Like
she was braindemaged or something.

I talked to Elina for 10 minutes ago. We wont have the
subject Bath tomorrow because of the hypodermicnt BCG. We
took it last wednesday. Im glad we wont have Bath. 1) I
cant dive 2) I have my period..

Now I have to do my homework.. Then i will watch FRIENDS!!!
Its my favorite series!!

Well talk to u all later!

Love, Mari