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2001-09-25 18:53:46 (UTC)

i think im really done with..

i think im really done with this.
i guess i just cant handle it.
i have for so long.
but you know.
i really dont deserve any of this.
and you know.
i really tried to be what you need me to be.
but hun..
i really fucking think im done.
for so many years.
i have been here to hold you.
been here to wipe your tears.
hold your doors.
kick your boyfriends ass.
tell you youre right.
give you confidence to face the world.
show you your beauty.
and be your fall girl.
but you know.
none of this for me anymore
i may love you.
and i may be a whore.
but i do not deserve your anger.
and i do not deserve your fits.
im just so fuckign sick of this.
you dont even think what you sacrifice when youre a bitch.
ive always been something you could rely on.
ive never not been here.
and you know
i really think its time..
for you to learn how to deal alone.
you to learn what i had to face.
ill never stop loving you.
but i love myself more now.
you know.
so fuck this.
and fuck you.
and im just done.
im done being what i am to you.
you obviously dont give me the credit.
and when you realize
dont fucking call me
im not going to make this better.
im done.
im done.
and im concerned with me now.
and how III feel.
so i love you.
but yeah...
im really done.