Reality Bites
2001-09-25 18:45:25 (UTC)

ER and Gingerale

Pretty exciting title huh?? Well I'm home again, not doing
much, I should be working on my history essay, but I don't
feel like it. So, I was watching ER, but it just ended,
which is kinda depressing. I really wish that we had
doctors like that at our ER. Man I'd be there every day,
"Hott Doctor Carter,...I broke a nail." haha.

There's seriously nothing on TV right now, I think I'm
gonna go watch a movie that my sister rented me, either
Coyote Ugly or She's All That. When Coyote Ugly first came
out, Alyssa and I were all about moving to NYC and becoming
Coyotes.LOL. Alyssa's my best friend, I've known her since
we were 5, so for 10 years. We like almost never fight, but
lately, issues have been coming up. I don't know I guess
I'll get into it, I have nothing better to do. Ok so this
girl that I wrote about yesterday, the only girl in my
class that I really didn't like, I've known her for 7
years, Alyssa, me and her(Tammy) went to school together,
and were best friends forever. Then 2 years ago Tammy
decides she doesn't like me for NO reason, like seriously,
when people asked her why she didn't like me, she said she
didn't know, she just didn't. Well ok, that's fine, who
cares, I don't need friends' like that. But then she writes
me these E-mails telling me that I'm a bitch and a slut and
a ditz and all this other stuff, so I confront her about it
and we fight and its over, we just have a mutual dislike
for eachother. Oh, but it gets better from there, LoL. Ok I
was with this guy Jake, and we were really good friends but
we liked eachother, and everyone knew that we were
together, total Dawson/Joey first season thing. Anyways, me
and him went to a party and I was hanging out in another
room, and Tammy starts flirting w/ Jake and the next thing
I know, Im walking in on them going at it. So I was like
WOAH! Ok, like I didn't get mad at first, I was like
shocked. And yea it was his fault also, but I mean, girls
just don't do that to girls. It didn't end up effecting
what me and Jake had, which pissed her off a lot, so good.
lol. Anyways, ever since that, we've been not liking

Bringing it to the present, I have these friends that
Alyssa and I met that don't go to school w/ us, they live 2
towns over and they've become really good friends of ours.
Tammy was over at Alyssa's and I guess one of them called
and Tammy like totally started talking to them. She calls
some of the guys like every day and asked one of them to
homecoming. He's like the one I'm closest to out of the
group (Brandon)and he rejected her. It's just she keeps on
calling them, and trying to make plans with them.I hate to
sound like a bitch, and I know that I cant own people, but
I felt like those were MY friends, that I made out of
school, you know? I dunno, people at school that we both
know, that's totally fine, but I felt like these were
people that I didn't have to worry about her making up
stuff and trying to turn against me. But they are true
friends, and they keep telling me that they don't trust her
or even like her too much, and they're MUCH better friends
with me, but whatever. I don't know why they can't just
ditch her all together. Is it THAT hard? If someone was
that mean to one of my friends', I would NOT be hanging out
w/ them. Ok, I think I've sufficiantly vented so I'm
changing the subject:)!

It rained so much last night, and thundered and lighting,
it was cool, for lack of a better word. I was kinda scared
at first we don't have it that often here, but then Brandon
called and told me to watch it. So I lit some candals put
on a mix that Erik made me and watched it. It was very
calming. That sounds lame, but it really was. I love the
smell after it rains, like our world's been cleaned or
something. I think that's a good thing right about now.
Right now, its really nice out, and it still has that clean
smell. I'm getting really tierd of just sitting around, I
think I'm gonna go work out, while I'm feeling ok. Bye!