Tweek's Mind
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2003-02-16 19:23:27 (UTC)

snow.. snow.. snow

so.. i was supposed to work today from 11-7.. it was going
to be a busy day.. julie and i were gonna be in the
kitchen.. but my mom woke me up at 9:30am.. and told me i
couldn't drive to work because of the snow..

as of right now, we have 4-6inches and it's coming down
more!! we're supposed to get as much as a foot or more my
tomorrow.. *wow*

i still went to work.. it was just tina, dan, jeanie,
cathy, and i.. we played games etc.. we didn't even open up
the kitchen today.. lol..

so i only got paid for 11-3 [cathy gave us a free hour] so
my pay check wasn't gonna be that great.. so i work wed and
thurs now.. and have to do party.. *funeral music plays* i
haven't done a party in about 3 1/2 months or so.. lets
hope i remember how!!

welp.. i guess i'm gonna use the day to clean my room, do
laundry, and work on my ethan frome questions..