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2001-09-25 17:42:36 (UTC)


Man! It was kind of chilly today. I got up about seven
and got ready. I need to do some laundry. Then I got
something to eat and went to class. I also lifted weights
today. Yeah already! I weighed myself and had my body fat
checked. I was 6'2" 181pds and 10pds of body fat. Fat
average for my height, weight and gender is 15 to 20 pds.
They said I was in great shape! That means that I am
171pds of muscle. COOL!!! That is why I am very strong
for my size! People think that I am just average from size
but I am very solid. I stunn people when I lift here.
Like the tricep machine I do 330ds about 10 times and about
5 different sets of that in one workout. keep in mind my
weight. I have only seen one other person do that and he
is just a little bigger than me. HAHAHAHA!!! Alot
bigger!! Any way, so I am doing alot better than
yesterday. Kim and I talked yesterday. We talked about
what I wrote in my diary yesterday. She said when she
tried to tell me about how she felt for me before she
started to cry. I did kinda noticed it but didn't want to
shed to much light on the situation so pretended not to see
it. I want her to be comfortable enough to tell me how she
feels though. Well I guess I will go so that I can check
my e-mail. I also need to do some homework. SEE YA!

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