Indian Travels
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2001-09-25 17:03:04 (UTC)

Good flight good night and the dawn of Delhi

Worthy reader,

this being the first chapter of our Indian travel diary we
will just try and share with you some of the expressions we
have had so far.
We had a great flight from Frankfurt to Delhi (no
Afghanistan airspace crossing) and really enjoyed
spectacular service from a very special "Saftschubserin."
(juicepusher in english...)
After arrriving at around 2am in the morning we met Ron
from Auzzieland and quickly went of to a Youth Hostel where
we spent the first night. Checking in took us almost half
an hour - paperwork is still very alive here.
After getting a decent breakfast we decided to change
accomodation and checked out the assumed city center... you
wish it was a center... Basically, connaught place is just
a huge bazaar with about 100 "journalists" as they state
trying to make a quick buck out of you. We dodged quite
successfully and finally made it to a decent lonely planet
recommended hotel. dirt cheap, by the way. so off we went
with a hired all-day-cab at about 10usd and took a city
tour with our charming saftschubser from the day before. we
went to a fort, a mosque and experienced a lot of real
India - cows in the streets, horns being blown everywhere
and loads of "attractive offers"...
We have also renamed Christoph to Tuti as several people
have recognised him in the street as the famous hindi actor
tuti something....
We ended up having our first Indian dinner which was quite
good and now are sitting at superfastinternet - hahahaha
hope you are all doing great and stay tuned for the next

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