Event Horizon
2001-09-25 16:47:25 (UTC)

Speak VII

The life pace never slowed. Empathy chased, laughing and
knowing she would eventually lose. It was Tuesday when it

New day. Same school. end of day.

She stepped out of the classroom and was stopped by a tap
on her left shoulder. Bare and cold. World turned on its
axis 180 degrees. Line blinked. She didn't know the girl.

Quick evaluation. Mouse brown hair. Pale gold skin. BLUE
eyes trying to scream white. Sweatshirt and khakies (gag).

"Ive wanted to talk to you get out of here fast."

"Alow me to resume." Line turned and walked. She knew the
girl was following her. It was an interesting position.
To be followed by someone. "What do you want?" LIne
didn't turn to look at her.

"A place to stay."

This time she did. "why?"

"None of your business." She was trying, poor kid.

"Yes, I do believe it is since you are asking my
assistance. That means you owe me anything I ask of you.
By normal etiquette. Of course, tat means nothing to me.
So that answer will do for now." She kept walking. The
girl was obviously confused. Silent questions floating
from her to Line. No answer. No attempt to verbalize.

"You'll need a name. If someone is writing a book, 'she'
is going to get pretty damn old really quick."


"That's not your real name."

The girl was silent.

"Good." Pause. "Do you have any stuff you need to move?"


"forget it."